For Sale by Owner

Selling my home by myself as “for sale by owner” for 4 months before I gave in to a realtor. When Auria approached me to list my home; I turned her away. She came back 3 more times until I finally sat down to talk to her. She explained the reasons my home wasn’t selling. I also couldn’t afford a marketing budget. Best part after allowing her to help was that she sold my home in 12 days, Unbelievable! Lesson Learned; selling ” For Sale by Owner ” is just not worth the headaches. All the money I lost and mortgage payments I continued to pay when I should have not been so stubborn. She did everything for me. She took care of all the legal paperwork and all the online phone calls stopped. She organized a bunch of our friends, family and neighbors to come throw a fixer-party to get it nice and ready to sell. She made it fun.




— Victoria Lamas , Seller